We take cleanliness and sterilization very seriously. This means taking extensive steps, in addition to our already strict hygiene standards, to keep the risk of spreading COVID-19 low. You should feel safe knowing we are following all recommended infection control procedures at our practice. 


What Kinds of Personal Protective Equipment Will the Dental Staff Be Wearing During My Procedure?

Masks and gloves are a familiar sight to our patients, as our dental office has always followed best practices for avoiding the spread of germs. With the heightened need for extra protection because of COVID-19, face shields and masks with a stronger filter are often called for.

Until we know that extra measures are no longer needed, Dr. Pinson and our staff will continue to follow the advice of state and national health leaders on the use of masks and other protective equipment. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the steps we’re taking to keep ourselves and your family safe.


How Often Does the Dental Staff Use Disinfectant Hand Soap During Office Visits?

Frequently. Even with masks, gloves, and other protective equipment, clean hands are critical to lowering the risk of virus spread. Dr. Pinson and our entire staff prioritize routine handwashing with disinfectant hand soap, especially before and after interactions with patients. 


How Are Work Surfaces in the Dental Office Kept Clean and Sanitized?

The Centers for Disease Control and Protection has provided dental practices throughout the country with specific guidelines on how to sterilize equipment and sanitize work areas during this public-health crisis. Our practice closely follows these recommendations, including:

  • Immediately sterilizing or discarding instruments that penetrate soft tissue or bone.
  • Disinfecting or providing a barrier covering over light switches, countertops, and other similar surfaces. These disinfection measures are taken after each patient.


How Are the Dental Tools and Equipment Sterilized?

Long before COVID-19 came along, the sterilization of dental equipment was part of our staff’s daily routine. We follow industry guidelines, especially those outlined by the American Dental Association, to ensure that all our equipment and surfaces are clean and sanitary.

When possible, disposable materials are used, which allows us to avoid cross-contamination completely. Other tools aren’t disposable, but we can confidently reuse them because of our dental sterilization protocol. Steam, pressure, and heat combine in our autoclave to sterilize bacteria on our dental tools. The tools are then stored in a way that will keep them sterile until needed for the next appointment.


What About Changes to Health Recommendations Regarding Covid-19?

Everyone in our practice receives regular training on safety and hygiene protocols, and we keep up to date on evolving recommendations and changes to health guidelines. We will continue to monitor the advice of health officials and adapt our procedures as needed to provide the best and safest care we can. 


If you have any questions feel free to contact our office via phone, email, or schedule an appointment online.