Teeth Whitening

There is a difference between the teeth whitening you’ll experience at a dentist and the teeth whitening products you’ll find in the dental-care aisle of a store. Whitening strips you can buy and use at home are popular, and so is whitening toothpaste. All of the products you’ll find at a store are safe, and the variety of options seem to get bigger all the time. But store-bought products are not always as effective as the professional whitening treatments we can provide in our dental office.



As a tooth-whitening system developed and sold only to dentists, Opalescence is a gel you apply to your teeth in trays. The gels contain either concentrated hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which are both effective in whitening teeth. It’s a product we use in our practice and one of the first items we recommend to those who are looking for professional teeth whitening. Once Dr. Pinson determines that you’d be a good candidate for Opalescence, we’ll show you how to use the trays and provide you with take-home trays. The gels are flavored, and the whitening power of Opalescence works well for many people.


Internal Bleaching for Teeth After a Root Canal

Teeth can be whitened internally as part of a root canal treatment. It can be one of the positive side effects when you undergo a root canal anyway! The internal bleaching procedure was developed to address the dark look a tooth can take on when the root of the tooth is removed as part of the treatment. The root canal procedure allows us the opportunity to add a bleaching agent in the form of a whitening paste inside your tooth. 


Is Professional Teeth Whitening Painful for Sensitive Teeth?

The sensitivity many people experience when using whitening treatments depends mostly on the ingredients used in the product. That’s the case for professional products and whitening strips or toothpaste you would buy in a store. Dr. Pinson knows your teeth and can recommend a whitening product that suits your needs and caters to your sensitivity levels. Some companies also make desensitizing products, such as toothpaste for sensitive teeth, that can be part of the whitening process while strengthening tooth enamel. Together, we can help you find the perfect teeth whitening solution. 


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