Dental Implant Restorations

Does Dr. Pinson Offer Dental Implants?

Dr. Pinson works in partnership with a trusted specialist for the multi-step process involved in successfully completing a dental implant. The specialist will take care of the first part of the implant procedure, which involves placing a titanium or metal post in your jaw to replace the former tooth root. Once the implant area has healed and is secure, Dr. Pinson will take care of the portion of the implant that appears above the gum line, which could be a crown or denture. Each implant is a little different and patients typically require unique restoration solutions.

Dr. Pinson has extensive experience with the process and takes time to get to know your needs. She will recommend the replacement that best fits your situation. The result is a permanently affixed, natural-looking tooth or set of teeth that we’ll continue to monitor and care for during regular checkups. Choosing our office for dental implant restorations allows you the best of both worlds: an initial implant procedure from a trusted specialist, followed by Dr. Pinson placing the final “cap” onto your tooth. We’ll make sure your replacement tooth looks and feels natural – restoring it to full function. 


Is a Dental Implant for One Tooth or Multiple Teeth?

Dental implants can be part of the replacement of a single tooth or multiple teeth in the form of a bridge. The real work of a dental implant goes on underneath the surface of your gums, however. Because a dental implant involves securing a metal post or posts to your jaw, the specialist who performs the procedure must first make sure the area where the implant will be placed is strong enough to support it.

In some cases, a bone graft is needed, or other measures must be taken to prepare the area. Sometimes, dental implants support multiple replacement teeth, which means fewer implants are needed per tooth. It’s a procedure with many steps, but Dr. Pinson and our team will talk you through them and support you throughout the process.


What’s the Difference Between a Dental Implant and a Crown?

The implant portion of a dental implant is the part you don’t see. The implant is a metal or titanium base that is secured to your jaw to support a new tooth. That new tooth is lab-created to suit your needs in the form of a crown, cap, denture, or another appliance. A crown isn’t always used in dental implants, and dental implants aren’t always used when a crown is added to a tooth.


Why Choose Dr. Pinson for a Dental Implant Restoration?

As a comprehensive dentist, Dr. Pinson cares for all your oral health needs. Dental implant restoration is a process that takes multiple visits and a specialist to secure the implant itself. But you can trust that you are in good hands throughout the process. We have been treating families in our community for decades and look forward to providing you with high-quality dental care for years to come.


If you have any questions feel free to contact our office via phone, email, or schedule an appointment online.