Root Canals

A root canal treatment is not something anyone chooses to go through. But often, the anxiety people feel about a root canal comes from simply hearing others talk about the procedure. We find that the tooth pain you are experiencing leading up to a root canal is often worse than the treatment itself. After the procedure is over, we think you’ll feel relief more than anything.


The Root Canal Procedure

For any tooth, the process involves using special tools to drill into the affected tooth to remove the decay in the pulp and nerve area inside your tooth, then filling the area with material to replace what was removed, and, lastly, repairing the tooth again. But not all teeth are the same. Molars, for example, contain more dental pulp or nerve areas than your front teeth. Dr. Pinson is a comprehensive dentist, but she only performs root canals for teeth in the front of the mouth. In the event that we discover that your affected tooth requires specialized treatment, we will suggest a specialist whom we trust to provide the same level of care we would expect for our own teeth. Our priority is to ensure that you receive optimal treatment and care.


Will My Tooth Look Different After a Root Canal?

When Dr. Pinson drills into a tooth to perform a root canal procedure, she enters the tooth from an area that is unlikely to be visible to others. The tooth is repaired and closed up again using materials that match the natural color so that the repaired area is disguised. If your tooth is discolored or darker after a root canal, it may be due to the issues leading up to the treatment or the amount of damage your tooth has suffered because of the decay. No matter what, we are always glad to save a tooth through a root canal procedure, and we’ll keep a close eye on the area and your healing process. We also offer options to help whiten your teeth if you are interested.


How Long Does a Root Canal Take to Heal?

The area where the root canal takes place will be numbed, so you may feel some discomfort after the numbness wears off. But the pain should be easily treated with over-the-counter pain medication. Your tooth and the area of your mouth where the root canal was performed may be a little sensitive for a few days. But you should be able to chew and take care of your teeth as you normally would almost immediately after the procedure. 


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