Children’s Dentistry

When Do My Children Need to Start Going to a Dentist? 

Three years old is the age we like to say is an ideal time to start regularly visiting the dentist. We mean it when we say we enjoy providing dental care to children of all ages. We see children as young as three years old, and we will continue to see your child through to 18 and beyond – when he or she becomes part of our adult practice. 


What Can We Expect at a Children’s Dental Exam?

Kids’ dental visits are fairly quick and very pleasant, as we are building a relationship with your child and helping them learn the importance of brushing and flossing. We can start to watch for spacing issues or any issues with the enamel on your child’s young teeth. But in general, we’ll provide a professional cleaning, some reminders about dental hygiene at home, and X-rays when your child gets older. We are your partners in helping children build healthy brushing and flossing habits every day.


How Can I Prepare My Child for a Visit to the Dentist?

Be positive and talk to your child about what a milestone it is to be old enough to visit the dentist. You may find an episode of a children’s show that features a character going to the dentist. You and your child might read a book that describes what goes on in a dentist’s office from the point of view they can understand. You’re no doubt already talking about how important it is to brush our teeth at home. And you can talk to your child about how the dentist makes sure we are all brushing our teeth with the proper technique and making sure our teeth are as healthy as can be.


Dental Anxiety in Kids

We know that adults sometimes feel anxious about the dentist, so we certainly allow children to express their feelings as well. If your child’s anxiety about a dental procedure is based on an experience he or she has had in the past, let us know. We provide a friendly, warm atmosphere, and we try to make every visit a positive one. We’ve got experience calming anxious patients, and we think of it as our job to help kids overcome anxiety about visiting the dentist.


Why are Sealants and Fluoride Treatments Recommended? 

We’ve seen a dramatic drop in the number of cavities in children and adults since the introduction of sealants for permanent teeth. Once your child’s permanent teeth come in, especially molars, we strongly recommend bonding thin, invisible sealant to the surface of the tooth to keep out bacteria and protect it. We also strongly recommend fluoride treatments for children during checkups. The fluoride in our gel treatments is more potent than what is in toothpaste or drinking water and helps strengthen the enamel of your child’s teeth to build a defense against bacteria and decay. 


Can You Save a Tooth After an Accident?

In many cases, we can help fill a gap that occurs when a tooth is damaged or decayed. We offer a few options to restore a tooth, so call us if your child has had a fall or another issue, and we can talk through your concerns.


If you have any questions feel free to contact our office via phone, email, or schedule an appointment online.