Preventive Dentistry

Want to know a secret? Routine dental visits are your best chance to avoid a non-routine dental visit. By keeping up on your oral hygiene with dental cleanings and regular exams of your teeth and gums, you’ll do your teeth a favor and enjoy the benefits of good dental health. That’s not to say that you’ll never experience any problems with your teeth. But with regular checkups, we can often treat small issues before they become big ones.

Healthy Teeth and Gums Can Benefit Your Heart and Overall Health

Did you know there’s a connection between gum disease and heart disease? Unfortunately, the bacteria that builds up in your gums can enter your bloodstream and impact your heart and overall health. It’s yet another reason to keep your gums clean by brushing and flossing regularly and seeking dental care when your gums become red or inflamed.


Dental Hygiene/Exams

When you are visiting us for a routine checkup, we’ll be on the lookout for any areas of your teeth you may be missing when you brush and give your teeth a professional cleaning, which is a deeper clean than you can do at home.


Dental Fillings

We try to catch cavities and decay in your teeth before they become severe, and a dental filling keeps the tooth from further decay. During a checkup, we’ll examine your existing fillings because older fillings can sometimes chip or wear away after years of use. We can easily repair or replace dental fillings.



When possible, tooth extraction is something that can be scheduled as part of a plan to make room for other teeth, remove wisdom teeth, or address an issue with a tooth that is damaged or decayed. When an extraction has to be done urgently, we’ll help you through it.


Sealants and Fluoride

Younger children especially benefit from dental sealants, a thin material that is bonded to molars and adult teeth where bacteria is likely to build up in the crevices. Adults and children alike benefit from occasional fluoride treatments to strengthen enamel and prevent cavities.


Athletic Mouthguards

Adults and children who participate in contact sports know the risks to their teeth from a stray elbow or a tough fall. Athletic mouthguards can be found at stores, but Dr. Pinson can create one custom-fitted for your mouth that will be more comfortable and is likely to last longer.



A proven way to stop the headaches and jaw pain experienced by those who grind or clench their teeth in their sleep, a nightguard is custom-fitted for your mouth and is easy to clean. We’ll take an impression of your teeth to create a clear tray that fits around your upper or lower teeth. 


If you have any questions feel free to contact our office via phone, email, or schedule an appointment online.