Financing and Insurance

Does Dr. Pinson Accept Dental Insurance?

Yes, and we’re happy to help you understand your coverage, co-payment amounts, and the coverage levels of your insurance plan.

We are recognized as a dental provider by

  • Delta Dental
  • Superior
  • Anthem 300 Grid Plus

If your insurance coverage comes through another plan, or if you are not sure about your coverage, contact us, and we’ll help you sort through the details.


What if My Procedure Isn’t Covered by Insurance?

For costs that aren’t covered by insurance, we offer Carecredit! We participate in CareCredit, a health care credit card that can cover deductibles or larger expenses not covered by insurance. CareCredit can be a good alternative to a traditional credit card because you can be approved quickly, and some charges can be paid off without interest.  We also accept all major credit cards, cash, or checks to cover payments.

Dental treatments, especially emergency procedures, aren’t always something we plan for in our household budgets. Our staff is understanding, and we will walk you through potential financing options through Carecredit.

Even with insurance, some dental treatments aren’t fully covered. We will let you know when that occurs and give you the information you need to decide on a procedure. Our staff will walk you through your payment options and expected financial commitment before the time of your appointment.


If you have any questions feel free to contact our office via phone, email, or schedule an appointment online.